Port Lincoln & Poonindie Preschool Centralised Intention to Enrol Form

Please only complete ONE Centralised Intention to Enrol form for your child at a preschool in Port Lincoln / Poonindie

In South Australia, we operate under the same day policy where:

  • If your child turns four before May 1, they are eligible to start preschool on the first day of Term one that year.
  • If your child turns four on or after May 1, they will start preschool the first day of Term one the following year.
  • If your child’s 4th birthday falls between mid-December and the end of April, resulting in them starting Preschool
    before they are 4 and school before they are 5, you have the choice to postpone your child’s start to the following
    year. Please seek advice from a local Preschool Director or the Early Childhood Leader at the Port Lincoln
    Education Office.

Compulsory school starting age is 6. Same first day commenced for schools in 2014.
*Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and children under guardianship of the Minister are eligible to commence at age 3.

Please ask if you are unsure about when your child could start.

In accordance with the Department for Educations ‘Preschool Enrolment Procedure 2017’, all SA preschools must endeavour to provide places for children living within the local geographical catchment area of the preschool as the first priority. Preschools may commence offering enrolments to families residing in the preschool’s designated geographic catchment area using their service’s priority of access guidelines, and up to their staffing allocation and enrolment cap, from the beginning of August in the year before the child is eligible to start. Preschools may accept children outside their local geographic catchment area, where there are available places in the second round of enrolment offers (September) although it is not guaranteed that your child will get into your preferred preschool if you reside outside of the local geographical catchment area. It is important to note however that all children will be assured of a place in one of the Department for Education preschool within Port Lincoln and we will aim to consider your preferences.

What are you preferred preschool(s) for enrolment if you don’t wish to enrol in your closest preschool (please number from 1 to 5 – 1 being first preference)

80 St Andrews Terrace
63 Stevenson St
5 Willison St
Park Terrace
Hirschausen Rd
Information brochures for each preschool are available on request or you can view their websites
  • The Early Childhood Leader in consultation with the Preschool Directors will coordinate the enrolment of preschool children across Port Lincoln.
  • Once you have received / confirmed your enrolment offer, the Preschool Director will inform you before your child is eligible to start preschool to discuss session times and other important information.
  • Please inform the Director of any change of information such as contact details, address or an alternative Preschool enrolment.

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